Friday, July 6, 2012

Fine on Friday

Cookie:  I is reporting today.

We wanted to post about our garden yesterday, but we couldn't get any photos.  It was because it rained so hard  and was not good for getting photos of it.  So our mombean went out foraging in the grocery store to pick up foods instead.

Today she went out to see if she could get me some pictures to show you.  The flowers got a bit mangaled from all the rain, however here are a few things in bloom - except for the Japanese Silver Fern - it doesn't bloom, but we like it.  There are some wild flowers and some our mom planted.  Hope these brighten your day, looking at them!

Because it is now sunny and warm - well, warm for us at 26C - your garden tour guide is  going to lounge in the office chair with the fan blowing on me.....ah this is the life!

Have a great day all!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tabby Tuesday

Mike:  I am reporting today......from the comfort of my sleeping spot.

It is not a new condo, it is renewed.   Meaning we are cleaning out a space upstairs and our beans brought this out and left it where we could find it.  No other kitty claimed it, so I did.  Comfy, just right.

Update on the little black panther that is hanging out in our backyard.

It seemed very hungry and was crying.  We shared some of our crunchy food.  Little kitty liked it, and then disappeared again.

We have been having several days of sun then thundershowers.  Just when you think the rain won't stop, it does.  Then the sun comes back.  We think the little panther takes shelter underneath this old wheelbarrow.

We were all watching some bird TV out of our window this afternoon.  We saw mom and dad bluejay dining on some of our birdseed - do you see their offspring in between them, loudly demanding to be fed?  We found this entertaining.

On the long weekend, just past, mombean stopped to get a photo of our bay.  Our beans pass this spot every time they go to town, or to get more cat food.

We are not sailor cats, but we don't mind when someone goes fishing in one of these boats and shares their catch!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mindy the Huntress

While the mancats around here were mooching for extra treats, I, was busy elsewhere.  Specifically, in the place where our beans keep the birdseed. 

My stealth and hunting skills were rewarded with my capture of this trophy!  Okay,  okay I admit it was a small mousie, but it still counts!  I had to use my training and I was glad I practiced a lot with the toy mousies.  I am proud to join the ranks of the mighty feline hunters!

Oops, I almost forgot Mombean wanted to show you all the photo of the fireworks she took outside on our street.  Our neighbours were celebrating Canada Day last evening. 

Those fireworks are really loud, and frankly, I don't see the fascination with them.  I am hoping for another mouse to catch instead.

Our mombean saw the small black kitty again this morning.  It was sitting on one of the big granite rocks in our yard.  She got a small dish of dry cat food to take out in case it was starving, but it fled as soon as it saw her.   The dish is out on the rock, but our bean says the bluejays will probably eat the food instead.

Moe and I were both born feral, but we are ever so glad we are loved and are so thankful to have a home of our own.

Love, Mindy

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of Canada Day, we put our country's flag in our nip garden.

It's our special garden and the  catnip is doing fineWe tried some of the nip already.

Mike:  um, yep, I think this year's crop is excellent.

Moe:  Yes, Mike, for once I would agree with you

Cookie:  I am not as crazy for nip as you are, I like the Canada flag better.

Mindy:  I like a little nip myself, so constrain yourselves and leave some to grow!

As you can see, we are celebrating Canada's birthday, 145 years old today.
We don't like those fireworks, but our beans do.   So, we hope they have a great time.