Thursday, May 14, 2009


This post will have to make do for tomorrow as well.....(sigh)'s hard to get decent help around here!

Mindy says:
Here's my brofur, Moe, trying to make himself handsome and dashing. Well handsome at least.

and here are three of the mancats around here: Moe, Mike and Bono

...wait, there is one mancat missing! Where is Cookie?

There in da kitchen. Gonna help with the dishes, Cookie?

Mindy says: I'm outa here. I think I will help mom change the bed sheets.
Oh, here is mom's hoodie on the bed, I need to apply some of my furs.

Just what I don't need ..... from Mike.

Thanks, but I don't need any help from you

Scram Mike, before I get really annoyed, and trust me, you don't want to annoy this girlcat!

Have a great weekend everyone. It will be a holiday weekend here because it's Victoria's birthday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Foster Cats

Dear Readers,

It's Bono here today taking a turn at blogging. Back in September, I got adopted into the family. Tall Son finally has a lap cat - me!

I want show you the two kitties we are fostering. They are from the same group of cats I was from. Our previous person had rescued us and we lived with her for many years. When she died from cancer, we needed homes. Our present beans wanted to help us.

This is "Mike". Our beans did find a home for him, but he was not used to small kid beans and after a month he came back. Another family was interested in him, but decided not to take him. He is here with us and fitting in.

Mombean looks after a neighbor's toddler two days a week. Mike has gotten used to the small bean. It just took a little time, not long. We don't know how old Mike is, but our beans say he is at least ten years old, maybe more. Anyway, I don't think our beans are actively looking for a home for him. Mombean says he is both endearing and annoying. Well, she gets annoyed when he tips over the trash can in the kitchen. It is a big trash can, but then Mike is a big cat too, and capable of getting into lots of trouble like that. Not me, though, I only get into the trash when Mike knocks it over. See Moe in the background? He's in the napping box.

The other foster cat is Cookie. Yep, from the same group. He is a handsome senior tabby.

However, he has some health issues, but is doing fine. Our beans are not trying to find a home for him. He is quiet and spends a lot of time napping in mombean's office chair. It must be because she has a cozy pad on it. Only drawback is - Mindy doesn't like him. She simply avoids him and won't go near him. That means she eats her meals off by herself and has mom catering to her. A bit of a diva kitty isn't she?

So there you have it - five of us kitties. Mindy and Moe are the two tabbies on our header. They are brother and sister, now nearly eight years old and our bean's first cats. They used to have dogs before us.

Thanks for reading about us,
Hugs from Bono (aka Bon Bon)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

We want to wish all the moms out there, including our own, a very Happy Mother's Day!

Our azalea bush bloomed just in time to help us celebrate!

While mom was outside admiring the azalea bush she disturbed a humming bird. She did not see it, but heard it buzzing away, so they have returned for another season. She has their feeders up now because she knows they come looking for them.

I am checking out some very bright quilt blocks mom made. She says she may make two small quilts out of them and is thinking of sending them to some small beans that survived an earthquake in Italy. I already have one of my own.

Tall Son give us some excellent scritchies. Even Mike has learned that Tall Son isn't scary at all, he's just big and tall.


I am certainly wishing mombean a happy Mother's Day. She is my favoritist bean in the whole world.