Monday, September 9, 2013

Mindy on Monday

 I wanted to let you know we have adopted two Virtual Angel Squillions from the Cat Blogosphere Shelter.
We added them to our family in honor of two of our family members that have crossed Rainbow Bridge - Skie and BonBon.   I'm going though our computer files to look for photos of them on our archived disks.  ( Found them! )
Both of these boys were white, short haired kitties.  However, they were very different in purrsonality.  Skie was loud, hissed at everyone, and would lash out with his paws.  It did not take much to get him going.  A previous owner had him declawed, so even though strangers were afraid of him, they were never in any danger of being clawed.  He could very affectionate as well as unpredictable.  He loved to climb up high on something and observe or leap from up there.  Our mom loved his quirky ways, never a dull moment.  He was with us about a year and only 9 years old when he left us.
(Angel) Skie
BonBon, also, known as Bono was the complete opposite.  He was very, very quiet.   He never, ever raised his voice.  Actually seldom spoke at all.  When he was happy, he would purr softly.  He had large expressive eyes, that our mom thought always looked a bit sad, even when he was obviously happy!  He loved attention, but wouldn't ever ask for it.  He got lots of loves though.  He left us after three years at the age of 17. 
(Angel) BonBon
  We didn't know them for very long, but we remember and love them in the short time they were with us.