Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Tabby Team is now Two

In just eleven days our tabby family members have gone from four to only two.  How can that be possible?  We lost Cookie to heart failure June 18 and with great sadness we share our heartbreaking news about Moe.  

Moe has succumbed to widespread and incurable cancer, which he had kept hidden from us.  
He had lived with us and brought us immeasurable joy for fifteen years.  Our first kitty in fact.  It is going to be hard to adjust to life without him. 

For the moment we prefer to remember his days when he was healthy and enjoying his life.  We have many happy memories of better days.

 with dadbean

a younger Moe

Moe in a snoozing spot

Moe, kitchen, a few years ago

 Moe getting ready for tests and surgery.
....... and his last photo.
Chase your dreams Moe, free of pain, and knowing how loved you were.  We are the richer for having you in our lives, although it will take your human beans a while to mend their broken hearts.
2001 - June 24, 2016

Sadly missed by mombean, dadbean, Mindy (his littermate) and Mike

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Farewell Cookie

Last week we said goodbye to Cookie

He died of heart failure, June 13, 2016, after living with his condition for a very long time.  He was also a cancer survivor - and then he went blind five years ago.   He lived to be 19 years, at least we estimate that he was about that age.  None of us know his beginnings in life and he didn't share them with us, as he simply lived in the moment.  He had spent his last nine years happily with all of us and we miss him.

We will share some of the good times we had with Cookie over the years.

He was very helpful when TeamTabby was working on a blogpost.
He made sure we posted pictures of all of us and of course snoopervised while our mombean got the 'news' typed and ready to send.

Cookie in the office chair - if you are supervising the posts - where else would one be?

Cookie's favorite room was the office.

He really liked this pink rug, says it gave him the most comfy nap spot.

 In the dining room where he could watch all the proceedings.....or is that his opportunities?

 Do any of you like to get up on top of the refrigerator?

We miss you lots, Cookie.  We know, as you crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" you had lots of furriends and your furrcousin angels, waiting to greet you.
Always in our hearts

Purrs and love from,
dadbean, and mombean Nina

Thank you Zoolatry
for this lovely graphic in remembrance of Cookie