Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tribute to our GrandBean

We kitties told our Mombean to take a blog break, she did and now she wants to help us with this tribute .  Her mother, and our cherished Grandbean  developed pneumonia and  passed away April 6th at 89 years of age. 

We feel so fortunate to have had her in our lives so long, but of course, maybe this will seem ungrateful, but we wanted more time with her.   Up until lately, she was happy, enjoying her life and loved to visit us.

Her own kitty left for Rainbow Bridge back in November, so our mombean would keep her entertained with the latest news of the happenings at our house and of course about our latest escapades.

Our Grandbean was born in Glasgow, Scotland and remembers when she was a very little 'bean, there was a large cat in her home called Cheeta.  She said the cat was her guardian and was often with her.  One day, she told us, that when she was only about two or three years old she was outside near the street and her cat distracted her and she followed him just in time, thankfully, as a large Clydesdale horse fell dead at her side in the place where she was standing only moments before.

We understand completely the need to protect and guide our humans with our inner senses, we often know things before they do.

Here are some photos of our Grandbean with Angel BonBon who left us in 2012.

Who can resist Temptations?


Great taste!
  I love scritches from Grandbean!

We will miss her (and BonBon, too) forever and always, and we remember to give our mombean some extra headbumps to chase away those sad feelings.

Please visit our Aunti Bean and our furcousins - they are missing Grandbean as well.