Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday It Rains

Hi everyone!  Yes, it is raining hard at times.  This makes it difficult to watch our bird and squirrel TV at our window.
I have been watching the young birds fly around our deck, they must be in flight training and sometimes they alight on the deck railing.   We found an empty nest that had been knocked out of a tree.
I wonder if this had been their home.
One of my other favorite subjects to watch is Mr. Squirrel!
He is snacking on some of the sunflower seeds that fall out of the bird feeder.
We have a few colorful flowers that are trying to survive the heavy rains.  We got a couple of photos on a sunnier day.

This one is from our magnolia tree.
and this one from our rhododendron bush
This last one does not grow in our yard at all, we wish it did.  It is a planter which you will find in our public gardens.  I did not go there, but our human beans did.
Hope you enjoy these, because I wanted to post something colorful on a cool and rainy Saturday!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Do You Drink Water?

Mindy says:

Continuing the theme about cats and water from our previous post in which Momo had to do the swim of her life, today's post is entirely different.  The only similarity being that both cats seemed to like water other than for drinking.

Last night when my dadbean was sitting at the computer, he started to laugh, and laugh.  Of course, being a curious cat I had to go over an see what was so amusing.
He was watching an online video called Does Your Cat Drink Like This? 
I didn't actually find it funny, but I did find it quite amazing.  l would never, ever, drink water like this.  I would not even dip my paw in my water dish like Moe does, much less let it run all over my head!! 

Going PINK today in honor of Skeezix

Here is one of his posts Me an da Queen and how HRH da Queen  didn't want to drink her 'mother's milk'  (the video is here) hope this makes you smile and remember Skeezix, as a fun loving and unique personality. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

We are Lucky Cats

We are lucky kitties because of where we live.  We are not usually subject to earthquakes or flooding, as we are on high ground, nor tornadoes.  Our biggest threats from natural disaster would be a bad hurricane, snowstorm or a forest fire.

This week, we heard about a brave kitty called Momo who lives in Alberta, Canada. Recently this province has been hit with a slow moving storm which has dropped unprecedented amounts of rain filling the rivers to over flowing.  These rivers spilled down the Rocky Mountains and quickly caused massive flooding in this province.

Momo 's owner had rushed home to rescue her from the rising waters around their home.  They were making their getaway in the truck until the vehicle hit a deep spot and started sinking.

Both Momo and her owner escaped the truck but had to swim.  They both made it to shore and were pulled to safety.  Momo's owner knew she liked paddling around in the bathtub, but was amazed she could swim so far.

Read the story here

Some photos here

Yes, we cats can swim if needed, however useful, we would prefer to NOT to have use this skill, unless our lives depend on it, right?   Any kitties out there LIKE to swim?

I like to watch water swirl around in the laundry room set tub, and sometimes I like to stick my paw in the water dish while I drink from it.
Water is strictly for drinking, and I like it cool and fresh.
I don't really need water for my washing up; um, I'll just use my amazing tongue.
I think a cloth dampened with a bit of water might collect some of my fur that has collected on this chair but on second thought, forget it; 'my' chair is perfect the way it is!!
Have a safe and happy first week of summer!