Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rain on Saturday

Our rain held off until just a little while ago, so we were able to watch out of our windows and spy on the birds, the chipmunk and squirrel.  Our mombean seems to fill the feeders for them quite often.  

Cookie:     We keep reminding her that our dishes need a constant supply of yummy goodness.  She doesn't always pay enough attention.

Mike:    Every so often I have to wake from my snoozing and remind mombean that our dishes need refilling - I'm good for that job because I am a loudmouth!

Mindy:    Yes, Mike, you totally are!  That's makes you useful, which is good....I just wait until I hear you yeowling and when I hear success - I make my appearance when the snacks have been delivered.

Moe:   I don't know how any of us can get a decent nap around here.  There are big trucks going back and forth on our street.  They are only hauling dirt!  What possible use can that be? 

We are wondering why our beans took out the closet in the upstairs bedroom, they made a big mess, even bigger than we could ever make.

Now they will have to fix it, and we are NOT snoopervising that job!  They are on their own.

Instead of the above eyesore photo, here is a more appetizing, oops...., a more appealing photo for our visitors to appreciate.

This lovely dove, sitting on our deck.

....and how about these?  They live across the street from us.

On Thursday, mombean went out with Georgia & Tillie's mombean to visit the harbour.  They were riding on the ferry and saw these people fishing.  We wish we could have been there to inspect their catch! 

While our mombeans were leaving the ferry, they saw a mink scampering among the rocks at the shore.  The officer who works on the ferry said he had seen three or four of them lately! We don't think we would want to visit with those critters.

We hope everyone is having a grand weekend.