Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caturday with Mike

Mike:  I can sees you evfurry body!
Our mombean was away - again - helping out with granbean - again.  Granbean is fine but needed an new 'lift' chair so she could be more comfortable and get out of it much easier, so she helped to get her one.
Wait a minute!  I, me, could use something like that too.   Yes, very comfortable  and I would like to have it all to myself! 
Look at this!  I have to share the sofa with Cookie and it looks like he is about to fall off the edge! Okay, I could live with that, because then I could really stretch out without him there.
Here is my sisfur, Mindy
She is waiting for the squirrel to show up.
The squirrel was here this morning.  Look, I will show you.
It was in our window feeder.  Oh, so, so, close!
You want to know who else showed up for food?
Yes, stray kitty.   She comes every day.  She also visits several of our neighbors, and they also leave food for her.  Okay I am a tiny bit jealous of all the attention and food she gets, however, I do appreciate a comfortable sofa, even if I do have to share it.  Oh, and a warm place to sleep!
Well that's about it for my reporting. 
Oh, I almost "forgot" to say a few words about my brofur, Moe.  I'll try to keep it nice.
It is hard though, because Moe is also a bit strange.  I mean, see how he has to put his paw in the water dish when he takes a drink!!
Is he the only cat in the world that does this?
Have a great weekend everyone.