Thursday, November 28, 2013

Purrs for Sweet Tillie

Update:  Rest in Peace, sweet Tillie. 
As you may know, our dear furcousin, Tillie, has not been feeling well lately, and was in to see her vet on Tuesday.  The Metacam for pain she got is not helping, so her mombean has taken her back to her veterinarian this morning and she will stay for a couple of days.  They are running tests as of now and her mom tells us that the vet thinks the problem might be her kidneys. 
She is not eating and her mom is  so worried. 
We have to wait for results.

Please send purrs and prayers for a good outlook for this sweet girl at
Thank you so much!!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Monday of the Month

It is Monday and  a lovely sunny day, but cold.  Our humans tells us it is -2C. 
I wanted to go outside on the deck.  I put my nose out of the door.  Chilly.  I like comfort and warmth.  As you can see I am not happy.  I would like the temperature to be warm enough for me to go outside, so I can chew on some blades of grass.  But, the grass is so cold, even our rhododendron bush has curled up its leaves to preserve moisture.
However, I have just been told, that outdoor temperatures will eventually get much colder.  It is still only Fall.  Can we possibly simply skip Winter and go straight to Spring?
You would have to give up the holiday season, Cookie!  You would miss the turkey that always gets baked.  Remember, we always get some of it to eat.
Our humans usually have some extra special foods that taste wonderful.  Last week they went to the Parade of Lights - it is the start of celebrating!
This is one of the floats in the parade, which lasted about two hours!  Look at that candy house!!
It is a lovely gingerbread house. However, I heard that it is not made of gingerbread.  It is very pretty though.
I hope our humans start making those buttery, delicious cookies again this year.  I think they are called shortbread.  Much better than gingerbread.  Either way, I like to help with the clean up.  I love butter.....and cream, and the holiday season!