Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tabby Tuesday - Goodie Bag

We won a Goodie Bag in mid July from The Poupounette!  It came into our mailbox yesterday all the way from France.  They had a special draw for their blogoversary and Bibi-Chan picked the paper with our name on it.  We are very excited to see what is inside.

Mindy:  I was the first one to appear when the package got opened.

Beside the yummy looking  cheese flavoured Catisfactions, I am 'claiming' the pink Crinkle Critter which looks a lot like a tabby cat except I am lying on it so you can't see it well.

Here comes Moe to see what I have.

Moe:  Wow, Mindy, we certainly won a lot of lovely things.  Some to play with and some to eat!
Do I detect the scent of catnip?

 Yes, yes!  It's coming from the Cosmic Catnip Banana!   Oh, how intoxicating!  Oops, I managed to put a few teef marks on it!  Also on the nip-filled fishy!

Oh, oh, I just found the Whiskas treats, and I am rubbing my cheeks all over the package because I would love to chow down on this, but mombean says I need to share it. 

Aso I has to share the HubaBuba formaggio, which by feeling the package seems to be cheese balls! I can hardly wait - 'nip and cheese are the best!

Cookie:  I heard all the comotion!  I just have to check out this box, make sure nothing is left inside

I, too, like that nip banana!  Maybe I'll take it back to the office and put it in my favorite chair.
I think I will add my own teef marks!

Mike:  Did someone say that there is a nip banana in the package and did I hear mombean say we need to share?

|I am going to rub my cheeks on this nanner too!  I think Moe hid the fishy, but I'll find it!

There was something for our mombean, too - butter biscuits, she likes those!

Hope everybody else is having as good a day as we are!!

PS    we just noticed that it is our 600th post.....all these good things are a good way to celebrate.