Thursday, August 13, 2009

By the Sea

A couple of weeks ago Mickey's mom came for a weekend visit. She is our Aunty because our mom is her sister. They decided to go for a late afternoon drive to Peggy's Cove. They took their cameras and got lots and lots of photos.
Mickey made a post about this. Click on his name to read about this.

Here are some photos our mombean took.

This is Mickey's mom in front of the famous lighthouse which has recently had a fresh coat of paint. Great backdrop for mombean's photo, we think.

This small cove is home to a working fishing village. Here is a photo of some of the fishing boats and gear.

Some creative soul that needed a break from work, put together this comfortable looking bench. We wouldn't mind curling up on that, and the view would be awesome too - all those fishies and gulls to watch.

Another creative soul with way too much time on his (or her) hands made a small hut out of lobster traps. It has a door, which seemed to be locked, and a tarpaulin roof.

More buoys. Buoys are placed in the water as markers. they mark where there is danger or where the fishing gear is. In this case they are hanging to dry - or - simply there for decoration!

One view of the cove

...another. This view shows that mom was walking up the hill towards the lighthouse, and took this one looking back.

Mombean got a picture of the water rushing over the huge rocks.

to show you all the immense size of the rocks, mombean included some other visitors in this shot to give the rocks some scale.

There were lots of people taking photos.

It started to get dark though, so mombean quickly took a picture of the giftshop and dining room with its lights aglow.

Well that's it for the tour.

from your #1 tour guide, Mindy

...and from your equally able tour guide, Moe

We love showing you some of our coast. We wanted to send you all a postcard, so mombean helped us make one for you. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Here are the angels -






.....but where is the little devil that broke into this bag of donuts?

no one will say as it is Wordless Wednesday - how convenient!