Sunday, April 15, 2018

Snoozing on Sunday

I made sure I got an early breakfast this morning.
Then I went for a quiet snooze.

 Later, I checked from the window and our snow is all but gone.  I did find a lone patch  of it though.

This is all I can find.  It will be gone by tomorrow because rain is predicted  and this patch  will get melted away.

I am already seeing spring birds coming to our bird feeder.
Also a pair of tasty looking red squirrels looking for sunflower seed under the feeder where it is scattered for them.
I love watching them from my window.

 In the meanwhile, since we have no flowering plants outside to show you, we have a very nice orchid in bloom.

In pink, my favorite color.  It is on the top of our china cabinet because my humans think I might want to chew on it.

I think it's because I once tried out a bunch of cut flowers in a vase.
I got over that, but by humans think otherwise.

One more photo of me from a couple of years ago:

I was on the coffee table, I like it because I can stretch out on  it and keep watch on what is going on, especially if there is anything tasty being distributed. 

Have a good week everyone!