Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yep, We Has Blizzard!

Where is Spring? 
We thinks it got lost!
The storm arrived, right on time as predicted!
Our mombean kept going out sweeping away the snow and putting down fresh birdseed.  Being springtime (according to the calendar anyway) the birds are starting to return north and they are hungry - and were not expecting snow.
Also we saw a chipmunk newly awakened from his winter nap.
You can see the one with the stripes on the right.  The other critter is the squirrel, who is around all winter.
I watched all the activity from indoors, it looks nasty out there.
Yes, it is best to do the supervising from inside where it is warm and comfortable.
I totally agree, glad I am in here and not out there.
Goodness, these blizzards are so noisy.  Even though I am hard of hearing, that wind sure can whistle through the tiniest nook or cranny loud enough for me! 
Our new window feeder is very popular with the small birds like this chickadee.
It is just a little bit covered in snow!
If anyone knows where Spring got delayed, please tell it to hurry up and visit us soon!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weather Bomb

I just heard the news on the radio.  We are getting a weather bomb tomorrow which is Wednesday.  I admit I rushed to the computer and had to look that up.

Here is what I found out:

A low-pressure system is designated as a weather bomb when it intensifies by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours "
I have no idea what a millibar is, however, when it is mentioned in the same sentence as bomb, then this must be serious.

I agree with you Cookie.  I think our mombean does too.  I saw her go out get in the car and then she brought home extra cat food, groceries for her and dad, bottled water in case our pump stops, put gas in the car.  

All this is confusing since today it is a gorgeous sunny day and most of the snow we got on Saturday is gone!!

 Weather bomb, is this something that I should be concerned about?
I have a hiding place all picked out for us, I am prepared.   Right now I am conserving my energy.

Good plan, Moe, I am with you on the resting up in case we are called into action.  After all mom and dadbean probably need all the help they can get!

What would they do without us?

PS - did Spring actually arrive, or did it completely miss us?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easy on Sunday by Mindy

Mindy, here I am waking up from a nap.
I just yawned, however my mom only caught this much of it!!
You know, Sunday is a great day to catch up on beauty rest.
That is another way of saying, I am not finished my nap and since it is also Sunday, I am doing "easy"!
Have a great and restful from Mindy.