Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday - a Feast!

Mindy:  We are back!  Our beans have been busy with a visiting relative.  Nice person though, she liked us lots.
I am anticipating these nice fishies!  I can smell them and almost taste them, even before they finish cooking.
Here is a photo of those delicious mackerel!
They are small, but smaller is tastier, plus they are fresh caught.  A bonus, when you live near the ocean like we do. 
Here is Mike resting after his part of the fish feast.
It was delicious.
Now for a couple of bonus photos.  Here is our Aunti Bean making friends with a friendly pony.
Next, our beans took some time to go into our city and stroll on the boardwalk beside the harbour.
One, for a fee, can board this small sailing ship and cruise around the harbour, but we prefer to stay on land, preferably in the most comfortable spot in our house!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!