Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday with Mindy and Mike

We are having a relaxing day.

It is lovely, warm and sunny.  I thought I would catch a few ZZZZZZ's while things are still quiet.

I have that idea too, good suggestion Mike

Oh, I think our human beans have gone out.
We are almost out of Temptations treats

 I hope they bring back billions of bags of treats with some new flavors.

Hope our visitors have a great weekend and never run out of yummy treats.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunny Sunday

Sunday should be sunny, and it is!

I am outside on our deck.  I convinced our 'dad' to bring out the ZOOM groom.

 Just the right spot!
Now I'm handsome and happy too.

I do not need a grooming just now.
I am going to relax and keep an eye or perhaps 2 eyes on everything that is going on today.

I did a complete check on everything,  however, there is not much going on.  It is Sunday and very quiet.  I do not even see many birds at our feeder, I think they came early this morning - they were the 'early' birds!

Well, in that case, it is time for a snooze and a chance to watch TV to catch the last day of the Olympics.

I think I need to keep my eyes open for that though!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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