Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wintry Tabby Tuesday

We are still getting lots of storms, everything was shut down on Sunday.  However, our 'beans were able to get out and celebrate dadbean's birthday on Saturday.   Happy Birthday to you 'dad'!!
While our mombean was away at grandbean's recently, she took some photos of the bird "TV" that our grandbean can see from her window.

This is a male cardinal
Mike:  We do not get these (licking my chops) ) birds coming to our bird feeder at all.
I will show you the female cardinal. 
I think her bright orange beak is very 'girly' 
I will show you the landscape at granbean's.   Early one morning, our mombean took this photo - there was no wind to disturb the snow piled up on these branches.....I was safe at home enjoying this sunpuddle! 
Guess who is back on our doorstep?
 Yep, stray kitty is back, eating our food!
 We have lots right now, so we can share it, I guess.  Our mombean does not think this kitty is a stray, but certainly neglected.  It followed her and our next door neighbour when they went for a walk around the block - a 3 kilometer trek!  Mom thought it deserved a snack.  I for one would not want to wander the neighborhood in this weather!