Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday With Bono

Oh, no.  I didn't get any stinky goodness this morning - at all.  Nor did a get a spoonful of milk.  I think I am losing my touch!

I tried really hard to give my humans the pleading look, the soft meow, I tried to look skinny - what am I doing wrong.

Ok, ok, I did get my breakfast, but I look forward to those little do the other four kitties....but I'm the one that asks in the nicest way. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Afternoon Tea

Mindy says: I'll start off our post today, since Moe is distracted. Over what, you say? Oh, usually it's because he thinks he is starving and not getting enough food. He lives for food and catnip.

While our humans were abandoning  er,away from us, they visited this lovely park.                                 

This property once belonged to Canada's 10th prime minister and this building has a 'tea room' where you can get lunch and traditional English afternoon tea. The menu, however, is written in French, the official language of the province of Quebec. Yes, the property is located in the lovely Gatineau Hills. It's about a 15 minute drive from Ottawa.
While waiting for tea and lunch to arrive, they demonstrated how to raise your 'pinky finger' when you are drinking the tea from a teacup.
Aren't they being silly!! During lunch, here is the beautiful garden that can be seen from the outdoor tearoom - what a view.
Our mombean saw this lovely Monarch butterfly visiting the flowers!
Moe says: I would have a wonderful time there catching those butterflies. I knows just how to sneak up and - 'gotcha'!!
Mindy, lets make sure we get to go along next time they goes away someplace. They would have lots more fun, if we did that!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 11Sept 2001

This is a link to joe's nyc. Joseph Holmes is a photographer who lives in New York city and posts photos of the city on his blog and we have been following it for years. He has a special photo for today; he took it  from the WTC in 1985.

We remember the tragic events this anniversary day holds, and this makes us sad. This is a photo of a place near our home, taken this evening.  It is very peaceful there.

We wish everyone could have a peaceful place to live and a contented heart!