Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Friday

Finally Friday for us, since we don't do Fashion Friday very well. If you look closely at this picture you will see our outdoor thermometer and it around freezing, well maybe plus one. Weather is fickle right now!

Moe: Yesterday, da wind blew so hard, I was worried. Don't I look worried in dis picture?

Mindy: Moe is right, it was so windy that I heard lots of strange sounds, like thump, clunk, rattle, shake. We're glad we're indoor cats.


Adan*Michico said...

I see the sunshine,
but sounds not very safe outside :)
Yes, we are very lucky we live indoor!

Mickey said...

We agree!! That wind was very loud!!!! We heard lotd of banging and crashing too! It was not the wind .Mom said that an old service station was being torn down, making all the big noise :)
Purrs Mickey

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hate to listen to wind when it is loud.

Daisy said...

I think wind is very scairty, too!

The Furry Kids said...

Wind is super askeery. I hope it warms up for you guys soon. We're still waiting for spring here, too.

The Devil Dog said...

Oh yes, we had that terrible wind too. PlusOne took us out in it, but at least he put our winter coats on first.


4 Boys and a Lady said...

We get spooked by windy weather here too.

You don't need any fashionable clothes, your furrs are fabulous!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Being indoor cats is the best. I know you wouldn't want to be out in that cold. That is very cold!