Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Wildlife

Here is a look at our backyard.  As you can see we have these two visitors - the third 'vishus' deer is not in view, but lurking close by.
I watched these two for quite a while, they came over to the bird feeder to feast on cracked corn and sunflower seeds. 
Our feeder attracted this duck a few minutes later.  As you can see, our lawn is only just starting to look a little bit green, Spring is slow here this year!
The duck was joined by another duck, then by
 our resident pheasant.
I wonder what they are discussing?

Here is stray kitty, the one we have talked about before.
However, we have discovered that this kitty has a home not to far from where we live.  It moved into our neighbourhood in December, about the time we started seeing it.  Our mombean says it is attracted by our birds at our feeder.
We now call it introoder cat, and it has a yard of its own.
We do all we can to scare it off,  we are good at growling and hissing when it comes up on our works, it is a scaredy cat!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tribute to our GrandBean

We kitties told our Mombean to take a blog break, she did and now she wants to help us with this tribute .  Her mother, and our cherished Grandbean  developed pneumonia and  passed away April 6th at 89 years of age. 

We feel so fortunate to have had her in our lives so long, but of course, maybe this will seem ungrateful, but we wanted more time with her.   Up until lately, she was happy, enjoying her life and loved to visit us.

Her own kitty left for Rainbow Bridge back in November, so our mombean would keep her entertained with the latest news of the happenings at our house and of course about our latest escapades.

Our Grandbean was born in Glasgow, Scotland and remembers when she was a very little 'bean, there was a large cat in her home called Cheeta.  She said the cat was her guardian and was often with her.  One day, she told us, that when she was only about two or three years old she was outside near the street and her cat distracted her and she followed him just in time, thankfully, as a large Clydesdale horse fell dead at her side in the place where she was standing only moments before.

We understand completely the need to protect and guide our humans with our inner senses, we often know things before they do.

Here are some photos of our Grandbean with Angel BonBon who left us in 2012.

Who can resist Temptations?


Great taste!
  I love scritches from Grandbean!

We will miss her (and BonBon, too) forever and always, and we remember to give our mombean some extra headbumps to chase away those sad feelings.

Please visit our Aunti Bean and our furcousins - they are missing Grandbean as well.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yep, We Has Blizzard!

Where is Spring? 
We thinks it got lost!
The storm arrived, right on time as predicted!
Our mombean kept going out sweeping away the snow and putting down fresh birdseed.  Being springtime (according to the calendar anyway) the birds are starting to return north and they are hungry - and were not expecting snow.
Also we saw a chipmunk newly awakened from his winter nap.
You can see the one with the stripes on the right.  The other critter is the squirrel, who is around all winter.
I watched all the activity from indoors, it looks nasty out there.
Yes, it is best to do the supervising from inside where it is warm and comfortable.
I totally agree, glad I am in here and not out there.
Goodness, these blizzards are so noisy.  Even though I am hard of hearing, that wind sure can whistle through the tiniest nook or cranny loud enough for me! 
Our new window feeder is very popular with the small birds like this chickadee.
It is just a little bit covered in snow!
If anyone knows where Spring got delayed, please tell it to hurry up and visit us soon!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weather Bomb

I just heard the news on the radio.  We are getting a weather bomb tomorrow which is Wednesday.  I admit I rushed to the computer and had to look that up.

Here is what I found out:

A low-pressure system is designated as a weather bomb when it intensifies by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours "
I have no idea what a millibar is, however, when it is mentioned in the same sentence as bomb, then this must be serious.

I agree with you Cookie.  I think our mombean does too.  I saw her go out get in the car and then she brought home extra cat food, groceries for her and dad, bottled water in case our pump stops, put gas in the car.  

All this is confusing since today it is a gorgeous sunny day and most of the snow we got on Saturday is gone!!

 Weather bomb, is this something that I should be concerned about?
I have a hiding place all picked out for us, I am prepared.   Right now I am conserving my energy.

Good plan, Moe, I am with you on the resting up in case we are called into action.  After all mom and dadbean probably need all the help they can get!

What would they do without us?

PS - did Spring actually arrive, or did it completely miss us?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easy on Sunday by Mindy

Mindy, here I am waking up from a nap.
I just yawned, however my mom only caught this much of it!!
You know, Sunday is a great day to catch up on beauty rest.
That is another way of saying, I am not finished my nap and since it is also Sunday, I am doing "easy"!
Have a great and restful from Mindy.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

All of us at our house want to wish everyone a great St. Patrick's Day.
PS - I am getting a nice treat because I agreed to wear this from Mike!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Very Cheeky Squirrel

Hi all, I am reporting that the squirrel has been raiding our bird feeder (again).  We put this out for the woodpecker and the other suet loving birds like the nuthatch and even the chickadees.
This feeder is designed to hold a suet cake.  It used to be in excellent shape, that is, until the squirrel took a special liking to it.  The hardware cloth that keeps the cake inside is coming away from the frame, thanks to the squirrel or squirrels - there is more than one and they do not get along with each other.
Oh, oh, it's looking in at me. It is teasing, I think it stuck it's tongue out at me.
 That is a very cheeky squirrel!
Scram squirrel!  You are lucky this window is not open!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Evening

I am so helpful.  I love doing the dishes!  I don't think my efforts are appreciated sometimes.
I am getting my beauty rest.  How am I doing?
I really think it was MY turn to do the dishes....rats!
Do I hear someone calling me?
I hope it is time for supper.
I might be hungry enough, that I might not leave anything leftover.
It was a beautiful day!
Even if we lost an hour of it due to the time change!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caturday with Mike

Mike:  I can sees you evfurry body!
Our mombean was away - again - helping out with granbean - again.  Granbean is fine but needed an new 'lift' chair so she could be more comfortable and get out of it much easier, so she helped to get her one.
Wait a minute!  I, me, could use something like that too.   Yes, very comfortable  and I would like to have it all to myself! 
Look at this!  I have to share the sofa with Cookie and it looks like he is about to fall off the edge! Okay, I could live with that, because then I could really stretch out without him there.
Here is my sisfur, Mindy
She is waiting for the squirrel to show up.
The squirrel was here this morning.  Look, I will show you.
It was in our window feeder.  Oh, so, so, close!
You want to know who else showed up for food?
Yes, stray kitty.   She comes every day.  She also visits several of our neighbors, and they also leave food for her.  Okay I am a tiny bit jealous of all the attention and food she gets, however, I do appreciate a comfortable sofa, even if I do have to share it.  Oh, and a warm place to sleep!
Well that's about it for my reporting. 
Oh, I almost "forgot" to say a few words about my brofur, Moe.  I'll try to keep it nice.
It is hard though, because Moe is also a bit strange.  I mean, see how he has to put his paw in the water dish when he takes a drink!!
Is he the only cat in the world that does this?
Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wintry Tabby Tuesday

We are still getting lots of storms, everything was shut down on Sunday.  However, our 'beans were able to get out and celebrate dadbean's birthday on Saturday.   Happy Birthday to you 'dad'!!
While our mombean was away at grandbean's recently, she took some photos of the bird "TV" that our grandbean can see from her window.

This is a male cardinal
Mike:  We do not get these (licking my chops) ) birds coming to our bird feeder at all.
I will show you the female cardinal. 
I think her bright orange beak is very 'girly' 
I will show you the landscape at granbean's.   Early one morning, our mombean took this photo - there was no wind to disturb the snow piled up on these branches.....I was safe at home enjoying this sunpuddle! 
Guess who is back on our doorstep?
 Yep, stray kitty is back, eating our food!
 We have lots right now, so we can share it, I guess.  Our mombean does not think this kitty is a stray, but certainly neglected.  It followed her and our next door neighbour when they went for a walk around the block - a 3 kilometer trek!  Mom thought it deserved a snack.  I for one would not want to wander the neighborhood in this weather!