Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tabby Tuesday with Mike

Let me tell you about my day, so far.

I got up at the usual time. It was still dark outside.  However my tummy said that it was time for breakfast.

It is the most important meal of the day, therefore it was necessary to awaken by sleeping humans.  After all it WAS time for breakfast.

I did get my breakfast, and as an added benefit so did my fur buddies.....Moe, Mindy and Cookie.

That was hard work and I needed a quick snooze.

I found the perfect nap spot.

Ah, life is good!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Whap Up on Saturday

Moe and Mike


We are not really engaged in a 'whap up', we prefer to call this an animated discussion!

Happy Caterday!  

Sidewalk Shoes

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

Today the sun is shining, the sky is clear, lots of sun puddles for us to bask in and we want to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day.  Our orchid is still in bloom and it is, if you use imagination, almost heart-shaped!

Yes, today is lovely and many birds and squirrels to watch.

I love sunny, warm places to nap on.

I  am hoping my humans will sit long enough for me to enjoy some 'lap time'

Put that camera away, I would much rather have some chin rubs and treats!

We hope everyone's  Valentine Saturday is a special one!!

We are participating in the Caturday Linkup at:

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Caterday Linkup

It's Caterday again!

go to

to join in the fun
Sidewalk Shoes

We have a bit of a mystery at our house.

Here is the clue
Who or what, made these footprints?

I will get right on this mystery and start investigating.

Good idea Moe, we must find out.

Not me as I do not go downstairs.

Well there is only one suspect left.

Yep, must have been Mike as he is looking a little TOO innocent, plus he is asleep and can't deny it, so we blame him.

Here is a bonus photo 
Hope this hoya in bloom will bring joy to your day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Critter Watching

Yet another snow storm!

However, we are keeping our birds and squirrels fed and bonus the pheasant showed up as well.  All looking for a meal in our snow covered yard.

So here is Mr. Pheasant.  Showed up today after the latest snowstorm.  Probably very hungry, too, and wandered in wondering what we have to offer.
Now we have to stock up on more sunflower seed and mixed seed.

One of our squirrels during the snowstorm.  Looks like we will have to stock up on suet cakes too.

We have a recipe for making these cakes, but need to get the supplies.

I never tire of watching that yummy looking squirrel.

Me as well, so close.

Sometimes the woodpecker comes to snack on our suet cake.

I've just had a snack, so therefore an uninterrupted snooze is what I want.

Our humans are outside cleaning the deck and walkways from piles of snow.  Later we may get some rain and then a freeze up....should make things slippery!  We suppose that is why our humans get a bit cranky lately - it's the weather, of course - never us!

Update:  it IS raining now, overtop of the ice and snow - it is not fit to be outside!

Also the truck spreading sand on the road just went by - it also plows back the ice and snow at the same time.

 Notice the "fog" from the melting snow during this mild spell.  It will be cold again by tonight.

OK enough about our weather, here is hoping yours is way, way better!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's Caterday!

We are joining in the Caterday fun over at 

Sidewalk Shoes

Sidewalk Shoes

We thought it sounded like fun!

Moe and Mindy
We are watching our version of "tv" for cats.  It is quite entertaining.  So far we have seen the big, fat pheasant.  It comes every day.  So do a couple of squirrels that fight over the seeds, although there are lots to go around.  Also, of course, are the various birds, like blue jays, chickadees, mourning doves.  Always something to watch.

I am blind unfortunately so I do not spend time at the window.  I do love, however, to get lots of attention from my humans especially if they bring me treats.

I am the newest kitty adopted into our household, however, it is a toss-up as to who, me or Cookie, is the oldest.  I am the most vocal and the biggest kitty here.  I was a 'foster failure' because my former home did not work out, however I love it here and I own everything in this house, but don't tell the other kitties.

The days are getting longer
It is now after 5:00 pm for sunset in the west.

Turn around towards the east to see the moon rising

The last two photos were taken a couple of days ago.... no sunshine or any sign of the moon today!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Supervising on Saturday

This is our  laundry room, and it looks like someone is taking apart our laundry tub!

Not really, because this is the 'new' laundry tub.  The 'old' one is gone because it didn't work very well any more.  It needed constant attention.

 All of us kitties supervised the whole operation and it is looking good, thanks to our careful observations and frequent inspections.

 Our help was definitely needed and therefore the installation was a success.  
Watching over all that work has made me very hungry.....food, food, please!

I just looked out of the window and noticed the squirrel, about six mourning doves and one downy woodpecker.  I never tire of watching them.

There are days when I refuse to pose for that camera, even with the flash turned off.

We hope our visitors are having a good weekend.  So far our weekend is stormy, but it is only rain and not snow.

Purrs from all of us.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Caterday and Cold!

Where we are, our Saturday is freezing cold!  However, the sun is shining and that makes all the difference to us.

Here is one of our windows, see the frost - proof you know.

I like to look out of that window, and when the sun shines it is very warm on my fur.  So what if it is cold outside, I am inside!  Plus I can keep a watch on what is going on in the neighbourhood.

 I already checked that window, took one look and thought to myself -  'yep  cold out there'  and went to find a comfortable bed to snooze on. 

 I will be the optimistic one, because I heard that it is going to warm up considerably by tomorrow.  I am counting on that.  That way I will get to see lots of activity outside, especially looking forward to - my favorite activity - bird watching.

 Can you see me?  I am the handsome one next to the wall.  I am not very happy that Moe photobombed me.   Has this every happened to any of you out there?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Chill Out

I know how to chill out because I have the best chair which is close to whatever goes on.  Our super cold weather is milder today.  In fact we have rain just now.  That won't last long, because our weatherman, Kalin, has promised us that everything is going to freeze later today.  Glad I have this cozy chair and no worries about changing weather.
There is a skylight in this room and I can hear the ping of rain switching to freezing rain!  The wind is high too.  Glad I am an indoor cat, I can 'chill out' and not worry about weather.

I just looked out the window into the yard.  I saw mombean putting lots of bird seed into our birdfeeder Not many birds to watch, they are sheltering in our trees.  Glad I am inside and not out there in the chilly rain.

What happened to the sunshine we had yesterday?  Today I can hear rain on our windows however we still have our electric power on, unlike other places nearby.  I am going to spend the day on this bed and tune out the windy an rainy noises.  This is my idea of "chillin' out"

We hope our visitors are finding ways to 'chill out' too, wherever you may be.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

We hope 2015 will be an awesome year for everyone!!

Mindy and Mike
We have not been around for a while due to supervising our humans through the holiday season.   We hope that everyone had a peaceful, or at least an enjoyable time throughout Christmas and the events to welcome in the New Year 2015.

All that snoopervising is exhausting, but at the same time very important, too.  What would our humans do without us?  When they had to be away from home, which was often, we made sure everything was purrfect for their return.

Our auntie and uncle beans finally got away from the freezing rain storm just in time.  By now they are in South Carolina.  We almost stowed away in their van, but we realized that we are needed here at home.  

I really find the winter months a bit chilly for my old bones.  If you notice the electric cord (coming out of my head!) ...it is connected to a heating pad.  I must say that lovely heat is just the thing for me!  I have several layers of towel on top of the pad, and it is just the right amount of that lovely heat.  It will be especially wonderful, because tonight our weatherman, Kalin, says that sometime tonight the temperature will drop to -15C.  You know, I am glad that I am an indoor cat, with my own room.  I get lots of company though, because this is also the bathroom.

Here I am - it is me, Moe.  I am in the upstairs hallway on the mat.  This is 'the' best spot, more or less in the exact center of the house.  The exact center means nothing escapes me.  Yes, yes in the photo I have my eyes closed - however - my ears are 'on'.  So, my ears are....hearing all, every tiny sound, especially from the kitchen.

Being in the middle of everything requires that I take occasional 'cat' naps....know this, nothing escapes my attention, especially if it is related to food, or a visit to our deck from the kitty that lives a few houses away.  When that happens, I go into action and deliver my best growls and hisses.  This works, eventually.

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy year in 2015!!