Saturday, January 24, 2015

Supervising on Saturday

This is our  laundry room, and it looks like someone is taking apart our laundry tub!

Not really, because this is the 'new' laundry tub.  The 'old' one is gone because it didn't work very well any more.  It needed constant attention.

 All of us kitties supervised the whole operation and it is looking good, thanks to our careful observations and frequent inspections.

 Our help was definitely needed and therefore the installation was a success.  
Watching over all that work has made me very, food, please!

I just looked out of the window and noticed the squirrel, about six mourning doves and one downy woodpecker.  I never tire of watching them.

There are days when I refuse to pose for that camera, even with the flash turned off.

We hope our visitors are having a good weekend.  So far our weekend is stormy, but it is only rain and not snow.

Purrs from all of us.


Pam Greer said...

All that supervising must have been so tiring!! My human is thinking about starting a Caturday Link up party on Saturdays - do you think it sounds like fun?

The Island Cats said...

It's a good thing you all were there to snoopervise. We know the job was done right.

Summer said...

I am so glad you kitties were there to supervise the installation of the new laundry tub - who knows how it would have turned out if the humans had been left to their own devices?

Fuzzy Tales said...

Well done on the snoopervising! Everyone knows those humans can't be relied upon to do a good job unless we're keeping watch.

Have a great Sunday!

Flynn said...

It was sure to be a successful installation with all of you to snoopervise.

Georgia and Julie said...

Hi furcousins!
We know the job was well done due to your supervising!
We purr you were properly rewarded for the effort.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ


All that snoopervising meant treats, right? Well we think you all looked fabulous, even Cookie who didnt want to look at the camera! Enjoy your weekend.

Katie Isabella said...

I sweeties! You are all looking scrumptious and kissable!

Alex aus dem Gwundergarten said...

I bet you all did a good job. What would we humans do, without your help :o).
Take care