Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Wash Day

What's going on mom?

It's wash day?

Let me check these bed sheets.

They look fine, I'll help you wif dem later.

Oh, these bath towels have been drying outdoors.

They smell interesting.

I think I can reach da window to have a look outside.

I see something yummy!

Kinda small, though.

Mindy, did you say you see something yummy?

Yep, Moe. Mom calls dem 'hummers' but never mind, there's only one and I saw it first.

What ever happened to sharing, I wonder?


Mickey said...

Mindy,you are doing a great job helping your Mom!! I love your stretch to the window!! Those hummers are too small to share ,so first come first serve,heeheehee
They are fun to watch though :)
Purrs Mickey

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Laundry! I love laundry! And look at that little bird!

The Cat Realm said...

HA - no sharing in this house either! The stupid maid just deprived us of a hummner! We had it all cornered inside the house and she opened the window and guarded it outside again! Traitor!
Mrs. Oz and Tintin
(Karl has to help the CCSI executives in Africa - you can read about it at

Sunny's Mommy said...

Yeah, that's a bite sized snack! Maybe another one will come to the feeder and you can both have a snack.

The Devil Dog said...

I love to play in laundry. Mom thinks those sheets are pretty. Nice hummingbird. Too bad you are stuck inside. Sharing? What's that?


Lux said...

You were a *big help, Mindy! I guess maybe Moe's just snoopervising. :)

Derby said...

Hummers are to small to share. I have dibs on all of them in my yard.

Jimmy Joe said...

That looks like you guys had a busy day. That is a great picture of Mr. Hummingbird!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe