Thursday, August 28, 2008

Travelling Last Week

Our mom and dad beans abandoned us last week, they were away. The son beans took care of us. Dat was fine, but we's glad ther back home.

Here's some places they went:

They visited a waterfall -

It was beside this historic flour mill -

They liked this so much, they visited another mill -

They called it a sawmill. It is also historic......that means old, but younger than the flour mill.

One more mill -

It's a windmill and it is not at all historic. It's modern and kinda short for this type of windmill. It was spinning so it must have caught the breeze.

Next...... nope, not another mill!

This is da ocean. See the reddish water.

This is part of the beach nearest the water, lots of red sand. See the strange patterns the waves make?

These beans were enjoying their day at the beach.
They decided to take a walk, but the tide was coming in!

Yikes, their chairs need to be rescued!

Mom said dis gull was taking it all in it's stride, hoping for picnic leftovers.

Min: While mom and dad were gone, I spent my time relaxing -

Moe: Me too, there wasn't much going on -


Rosie & Cheeto said...

oh, that's a lotta mills yer beans went too. Do yoo think thay have fuds inside em? If so, we gotta go find us a mill or two arownd here. And a litturbox with red littur-wowwee!

And how culd thay leeve yoo two luking soooo kyoot lying thare on the floor!?!? Beans are so silly sumtimes.

Grate to meet yoo min and moe!!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Glad your pictures are uploading again...

and now mine aren't, not matter what I do!

Mickey said...

Those are some pretty cool mills your beans saw!!!
I do not think I would like to be sitting on those chairs in the water!!! I hate getting my paws wet!
That bird looks interesting though ;) heh,heh,heh!!!
I bet you're glad to have your Mom & Dad home though!!
Purrs Mickey

China Cat said...

I don't know how they could leave you just to go look at mills! I think my mom and dad would like looking at those mills - my dad especially loves old historic things. I do think that bird looks kind of interesting but not the water so much!

You two look very relaxed and I'm glad your mom and dad are back home with you!

Come on over - I have tagged you both today!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

Sunny's Mommy said...

Nice pictures! I've never seen a beach with red sand before. That's very interesting!

The Devil Dog said...

That is very interesting. We are glad you got to relax. We are also glad your beans had fun.