Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday, a few words

Mindy: Can you see me?

I am helping mom. We are in da attic and mom has some sewing she wants to do. Dat's where mom sews and puts alla her sewing junk things. I like to nap behind her chair. It's kinda cramped for a bean, but just right for me. I love to hang out up there. Lots of hide-y places too.

Guess what? Moe is a scairty-cat! Last night there was some thunder rumbling. Nothing big though. We were having supper, and right after a (small) boom, Moe ran off to hide. But not me, I got to eat my dinner in peace wifout him wantin' ta share mine. I am beautiful and brave.

Tall Son is getting my picture again.
Look! I have lazer eyes and my tongue is sticking out. Mom, can you show him how to get a better one of me? She says that the camera's on-board flash is awful and that you have to be careful taking photos. Time for him to take some pictures of Mindy now.......yeah practice on her for a while.


Mickey said...

Mindy,I can see that there are lots of places to hide up there!!! I think it would be a fun place to hang out in :)
We had lots of thunder and rain last night too!! WE were not scared though ;) Poor Moe,heehee.
Is he still hiding? hahahahahahah
Purrs Mickey

Ramses said...

Thunder is just one more reason to snuggle with your Mom! Well that's what I think... Rain is another reason, so is cold, dark, hunger, sadness, happiness, tiredness etc. Oh and if it's really hot I snuggle Mummy with the fan on! ;)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! An attic! I wish we had one of those!

Kellykat said...

Your attic looks like fun! Lots of things to investigate.

Stryder is a scardy cat too. He doesn't like the boom booms either. He runs under the bed efurrytime.

Daisy said...

Mindy, I am so proud of you for being so brave and beautiful, too!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I almost didn't find you in that picture, Mindy. You're right, there's lots of hidey holes in your attic :-) You must have a lot of fun up there!

Moe, that is a cute picture of you, even with your laser eyes :-D

The Devil Dog said...

Mindy, you are so cute sitting up there. And very brave too, not being afraid of the thunder. we are not afraid of thunder, which is good, as we have had a lot of it lately.

Roxy & Lucky

Poppy Q said...

Mindy that is a great snoopervising spot.

4 Boys and a Lady said...

Mindy, you are definitely a brave and beautiful cat. You look so comfortable and happy there in the attic behind Mom's chair. :)

Ah, Moe, a lot of kitty and beans alike are scairt of thunder. It's OK! You still look handsome with your laser eyes.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Mindy! You have a great spot to snoopervise! You certainly are brave to not be scared of boomies.

Moe, I'm with you buddy. When it rumbles, I go under stuff. I hate the boomies!!

Lux said...

I had to biggify the picture, but I saw you, Mindy! Don't worry, Moe, I'm scared of storms, too!

Black Cat said...

I nearly didn't see you Mindy! That's a lovely attic and looks like a fun place for kitties.

I've tagged you and Moe for a meme:) xxx