Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Needs" meme

We saw this 'name' meme at Stryder's page and also at The Cat Realm and they saw it on Luxor's....well....you get the picture, right? It seems fun and really simple.
Mindy Needs

. support -
Um, isn't that what four legs and sharp claws are for?

. to understand -
I understand absolutely everything, I'm a cat after all.

. a home -
I have the best forever home, ever.

. to read this -
Wait a minute, I am writing this. You all can read it.

. to know Photoshop -
I do, but I gets mom to work with me.

. to be kissing -
Ah, that my little secret!

. money -
Yeah, couldn't we all use more green papers!!

Moe Needs

. to publish -
This is exactly what I am doing! Read on.

. a new computer -
Well, a laptop would be really cool......for my publishing, of course!

. lunch money -
Eye always, always needs lunch money.

. to be found -
Wah? Am I lost? Oh, maybe I needs to be found by the right girl cat, heh.

. to hire 155 new staff -
I have mom, and I have her trained to do the work of 155 staff.

. a better actor trying to impersonate his amazing looks -
I'm tellin' ya'll now, those amazing looks are all mine. I do NOT have an impersonator.

. Larry and Curley -
Who are they? Mom says they are comics and that we do NOT need any more comics around here.

If you want to play along - you are 'tagged'. Simply search (using Google or other search) your own name and add the word "needs" and see what comes up.

Have fun, luv, Mindy

Likewise, luv, Moe

PS......Tall Son took my picture (Moe).


Kellykat said...

Wow! I feel all famous and stuff cause you mentioned me. Thanks for playing...it was fun wasn't it!?!

DEBRA said...

That was a lot of fun...and we loves the pictures.


Sunny's Mommy said...

I agree with you, Moe. Those amazing looks are all yours :-D You are so very handsome!

Mindy, I agree with you that you have the bestest forever home ever! Both of you do.

Eric and Flynn said...

We like reading the Needs meme cuz it is a lot of fun.

Mickey said...

Those were some silly things the 'puter told you!! WE were laffin at your answers too :)
That is a fun meme. Heeheehee

Purrs Mickey

Lux said...

Those are funny, Mindy & Moe! Tall Son did a good job with your picture, Moe!

P.S. You look cute, too, Mindy! :)

michico*Adan said...

I think "to be found" is very very important~! It's a very touching answer!!!