Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

While we are away on the road trip, we put mom in charge of passing out the treats dis evening. We usually give out at least 60 bags of treats. Here is our stash for giving out. Mom will be is going to be a lovely evening and the change from saving daylight doesn't happen until this coming Sunday.....we think that will make things busy.......we are ready


Poppy said...

60 bags??!!! Are you serious?! That's amazing! Have fun and be safe!


Gemini said...

Wow! That's a lot of trick or treaters! We hardly get any1

Mickey said...

That's 60 more than we had Hahahahaha!!
Next time yer Mom comes over she can have a treat bag ;)

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!


Team Tabby said...

Oh, we seriously underestimated the enthusiasm of says we actually got 82 to the door. We had one big box of 60 Doritos bags in reserve ...thank goodness. She says no animals or small people were harmed during this 'nut bar' event, heh. Some of the adults that came to the door were taking their chances,,,,Mwahahaha. Remember we live in a semi-rural... no wait!....we forgot, the city is moving out into our space!

Yes, Mickey, your Mom can share our leftover Doritos.

.....Moe & Mindy (glad to be away on a road trip)

Anita said...

Happy Halloween!!!!

Nice to meet you and thanks for your visit.
That's a lot of trick or treaters! Mu bean says "Mmmmmm.... hahahaha!"