Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Cherish Meme - for Miss Peach

Adan and Michico started this wonderful Meme for Miss Peach -

"Hey, everyone, this time, I decide to start this cherish meme, here are some ways (depends on which person you write), and bring our love to Miss Peach~! She always makes us know what love is!
1. tell us what is the most sweetest warm thing you will do to your mommy (what is the sweetest thing that your kitty will do to you)
2. And, hug your mommy, tightly... (and, hug your kitty....tightly...)
3. Tag your good friend...
4. Leave your computer, and continuing hug each other..."

Moe: I love to greet my beans at the front door when they get home. I give them lots of headbutts and purrs. I like to be wherever they are.

Mindy: I love to be where dad and mom are, too. Mom is my special person and I love her to give me ear scritches and my favorite tummy rubs. That's when I purr loudest for her and I love to sit on her lap, she likes this.

We both know that mom and dad love us a lot.

Dear Miss Peach, both of us hope that by sending our loving thoughts and prayers, you will hear us and know that we care about you.

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Daisy said...

Giving lots of purrs to your beans is a very good way to show you love them.