Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Spring has arrived!!!  It sure looks white out there today.  The weather guy on TV said there would be sno*.  Yep, it snowed overnight and a little drizzle came as well. 

This will not stop us from enjoying today, the whole day long!!  

Mindy:  I am posting a photo of a nice sun spot.  This was not taken today of course!  You don't want to see what's outside.

Moe:  I've got the cat condo, it's perfect to curl up on. First I need to fix my fur.  Always look your best, you never know who will pop in for a visit!

Mike:  Mombean, a little more to the right.....purrfect, I love chin rubs.  Please ignore the marks on my nose.  I didn't win the whapping contest with time though.

Cookie:  I am the Office Manager.  I share the chair with mombean while she helps us with our blog.  I am not responsible for any spelling errors.

This is a photo from a couple days ago, there was only a tiny bit of sno* then.    Mr. pheasant stocking up on sunflower seeds for breakfast.  Looks very well fed, don't you think?  

He comes almost every day, sometimes more than once a day.  We never get tired of watching it.  One important thing though, it is a l-a-r-g-e birdie.  The smaller one behind it, is a Mourning Dove.  They are regulars as well.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

**PS.....good news, as of this writing, the clouds are moving fast and the sun has just made an appearance! Hope the trend continues.   


Brian said...

I hope you all fet to enjoy the sun and warm. We had Spring over the weekend but now it is darn cold again!

Poppy said...

Spring was here, and then it left and it's cold again. I hope it comes back soon for you and for me!


Fuzzy Tales said...

We suggest you DON'T read the article on CBC (on-line) re: spring weather from coast to coast. LOL.

My, Mr. Pheasant looks rather tasty to us!

Team Tabby said...

Well Nicki & Derry, our mom did watch the weather report on CBCtv this evening and there is a storm system, currently over Florida, slated to move into our area by Friday - 40% chance of snow!

michico*Adan said...

I think you are quite enjoy your mom's massage's hand, Mike~!!
You all look great.

Father Tom said...

Methinks I should reach for my musket..that bird looks ready for the table..hehe

I apologize..I know you must be friends, so that wasn't very nice of me to say..

I am a wee bit cranky since there are rumors of spring, but the world keeps turning white.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...
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Lucy the Cat said...

Thank you for your note about Lucy. It was so nice of you to stop by. I enjoyed seeing these pictures of you all and hope spring arrives there soon.