Thursday, April 26, 2012

In the Garden on Thursday

Mindy:    Our garden is quickly showing signs of coming back to life after the wind, snow and rains of winter.  Spring seems a bit early this year, and that is fine with me!

We have our first rhododendron out in bloom!  I have to show you this, I am so excited to see it.

Mr. Pheasant is still coming to our bird feeder and he often brings his two lady friends.

One more backyard critter.

This birdie can get a bit loud when it pecks at our wild apple tree.   At the suet feeder, the noise is not so bad.

Hope you enjoyed the tour -  even better I'm hoping your own yards, gardens or planters are showing signs of spring.  Have a lovely day!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh you have lots of nice birdies in your garden! That's delicious.

Prancer Pie said...

Your critters are great! We only haf evil squirrels and birds. Mr. Pheasant seems to be struttin his stuff fur his ladyfriends!

Sparkle said...

You REALLY get some awesome Bird TV!

Cat said...

WOW, bird tv at your house is great!!1

ABBY said...

Wowie those are some BIRDS!
We need to come over to your house for birdie TV!
Great garden!!

The Island Cats said...

We wish Mr. Pheasant would come visit us.

Eric and Flynn said...

Mr Pheasant looks very proud of his lady friends.The rhododendron is very pretty.

Au and Target said...

That bird looks yummy! hehehe, well, we ARE cats, you know!

Father Tom said...

Thank goodness for spring, I say!! You have some great photos there and we enjoyed your first rhododendron bloom too!

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding Trapper. His garden is looking good too, which is a comfort for all of us. xx


Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty, Tinker & Anastasia

Katie Isabella said...

Everyone looks so mean wonderful and Spring-like. xoxoxo

Oskar said...

Wow is that pheasant every pretty with his decorated feathers. No wonder he has 2 girlfriends.

Nubbin wiggles,

catsynth said...

The spring does seem to be coming to life there, both flora and fauna. We live in the city, but definitely signs of spring here, too.