Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cookie is Thankful!

Cookie here: All of your purrs, grrrs, purrayers, whinnies, stomps, chirps and snorts of encouragement and positive feelings for me, have been working!!
I can see again! THANK YOU!!

Perhaps not 100 percent, but I am well able to go from room to room without bumping into anything. As many of you already know, I went to my vet to get my teeth cleaned, but something unusual happened that never occured at that clinic before - I lost my sight when I woke up. They took good care of me and did lots of research and said there was a chance I would regain my sight within two weeks, but I was their first case of this unusual occurence.
After a week and a half, I went back to the vet for followup and had a great check-up......and they gave me a test. They tried standing in front of me, but I went around the vet and the vet-techs without running into them. This made them so happy. Of course I am even more happier that I did not run into anyone or thing!
I still have trouble with depth perception, at least I heard the beans talking about this. Not sure what that is but I think it is why I am not allowed to go up and downstairs on my own - on account of, I can't see the edges of the steps very well.
Oh, and the vet said I couldn't go outside. I promised I would stay on the deck, but of course that is a NO for me. I guess they know I will try to get off and go look for some yummy grass to chow down on. Guess I will have to stay in our office and make sure mombean gets our posts organized to publish.
Look, I have the office chair first.

I am so thankful that everyone's healing thoughts for me have helped me through my struggles with temporary blindness - at least it was temporary! Now I want to take a moment to pass on my own purrs and purrayers to all of those in the Cat Blogosphere that are in need and have their own serious health issues. Mombean was telling me that there are many that we need to keep in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Headbutts and purrs from Cookie.


Eric and Flynn said...

That is wonderful news! We are very happy for you Cookie.

Elvin said...

I'm so happy to hear this! My family has been worried and scared for you!

Brian said...

Oh my goodness Cookie, I am so very, very, very happy to hear your good news! That made my day!!!

ABBY said...

WE are so happy that your sight has returned and we are sure each day it will get better. We will continue to keep you in our purrs.

Prancer Pie said...

Thank goodness, Cookie! We are so very happy fur you! Purrs fur continued healing. xoxo

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We think that over all that is excellent news and we are quite happy for you Cookie! YEAH.

The Island Cats said...

Oh Cookie! This is great news!!

Forty Paws said...

Oh! We are so glad that you can see again Cookie!!!! Maybe your depth perception will come back too? We're sending you more purrs and purrayers to see if it will!

Luf, Us

Team Tabby said...

Dear Elvin,

I thank you and your family for the good thoughts and concern for me, it has helped me get a lot of my sight back.........I still don't jump, but in time perhaps.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but, Cookie, you are a gorgeous girl!

We're glad you can see where you're going again and your folks are watching out for you since your depth perception isn't up to par.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Cookie this was such wonderful news that it nearly made me cry! I am soooo happy for you!!!

Cat said...

Oh Cookie what wonderful news!!!! We are so happy you can see again :-)

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh Cookie, we are all tails up in happiness for you! This is SUCH a wonderful thing--Mommy is all teary eyed knowing your hard times are over.
HURRAH for the power of the purr!

katzenfreundin said...

Was für wunderbare Nachrichten. Das freut mich sehr;)

LG Claudia

Tillie and Georgia said...

Cookie, we are SO happy to know that the power of the purr worked :) We purr your sight will only get better too !!!!

Purrs Tillie and Georgia

Kwee Cats said...

Cookie!!! Yay!!! Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! This is just fantastic news! We doing our Yay-Way-Happy Dance! Whew! We sooooo happy fur you. (((Hugs))) *nose bumps* Kitty-kisses! Hey, staying inside is not all bad. We stay inside all the time. Right now, it's much cooler inside with the AirColder blowing on us.

Cookie, has fun looking at everything! You will be seeing us later!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Cookie, this is such wonderful news! Maybe, eventually, you can go out in an enclosed space or with a harness. But if not, that's okay too! We're just glad you have at least some of your sight back!

We're continuing to send purrs and purrayers!

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Vidock said...

That's great news, Cookie. Now we will cross our paws the depth stuff comes back soon too.

The Chans

Daisy said...

Oh Cookie, what wonderful, happy news! I'll bet there is a chance your vision might even improve some more! Hooray for you!

Roy said...

Cookie, we're so happy to read the report. Here's to complete recovery really quick. Just don't rush it. If it's to come, then it will.

The 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor send their best purrs and head bumps to you and all at your house.

Everycat said...

Cookie, we are over the moon that your sight has come back. Don't worry about not being allowed up and downstairs on your own, it's nice to have a minder with you to keep you safe.

Gerry & Oliver