Thursday, May 28, 2009

Traditional Water Cannon Salute

Hi all, it's Mindy, your blog reporter for today.

Let me explain the title of today's post. Even better, I will show you all a picture first.

It is traditional that the first flight of an airline to an airport be saluted by plumes of water using fire fighting vehicles. This is ceremonial and the aircraft travels on the taxiway under the arch that is created. In this case it is Globespan just arrived from Scotland, making its inaugural flight into Halifax International Airport.

The reason mombean and aunty bean were at the airport is that grandbean was flying to Glagow, Scotland to visit with her sisters and brother and she was on its first flight out of Halifax. Our beans did not know the significance of this 'salute'at the time, only knew it was something special so took some pictures.

Mombean says she took this next picture for all of the Blogosphere members that love lobsters. It seems some passengers on this WestJet flight couldn't pass up the delicious Crustaceans they saw offered for sale at the airport. So here they are packed and traveling up the conveyor and into the aircraft.

That's a lot of lobsters! You can almost taste them, right?


The Creek Cats said...

We did not know about that tradition.... very interesting!! Our mom went to her family reunion last weekend and found out her family came over from Scotland. Now she wants to take a trip over there, but she is afraid of flying.

Monty Q. Kat said...

Beans and water-first they douse themselves with it, and now planes??

They can march all of those lobsters right. over. here...

Daisy said...

My grandpa was a captain for a commercial airline, and when he retired, they did that when he landed for his final flight!

The Devil Dog said...

That is a neat tradition for an airplane. Thanks to your mom for sharing with us. As for lobster, Auntie loves it. Mom will never be caught dead eating it, especially after her older brother chased her through the house with a leg years ago.


Derby said...

::::DROOLL:::::: Lobster! P.S. that is mum drooling.

The Cat Realm said...

Yum - we would love to be in that cargo room!!!
And we like that tradition of dousing an airplane, it seems like fun!
Mrs. OZ

Jasmim said...

This is rather curious '-'
But fun =)

Jas & Gi