Thursday, December 18, 2008

Healthy Breakfast

I always eat a healthy breakfast. However, I like to try new things. This morning, I had my usual crunchies and a spoonful or two of stinky goodness. Then I watched mom make breakfast for herself. I saw her breakfast bowl on the counter, waiting until the kettle boiled. I thought I'd give her breakfast a try. I am open to new things, especially new tasty things.

Mom caught me just as I was licking the yummy looking stuff on top of her cereal and mom said "Bono, don't!" I shoulda listened. It was flax meal! I got a mouthful. I walked around the kitchen chewing and shaking my head. That stuff is evil, I couldn't get rid of it. Mom was amused and annoyed at the same time.

I had to get a big drink of water.

.....and wash my face afterwards. Mom finally got to cook her breakfast, but I don't think I would like it cooked either. So remember, some things are not as good as they look.


Anonymous said...

Flax meal does not sound like it would be very delicious to us either. Purrhaps you should try sniffing before nomming in the future, Bono.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Um... enjoy the litter box?

The Devil Dog said...

I have learned that the hard way. Chocolate chip cookies may sound good, but they get you real sick!


Daisy said...

I guess you never know until you try it!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your Mom needs to fix better things for her breakfast. Like tuna!

Our Rascal is like you, Bono. She likes to try new foods. Sunny's Daddy put his sandwich on the coffee table and within a minute, Rascal was up there licking his ham and cheese sandwich. So I made him take a little bit out for her ;-)

meemsnyc said...

Hahahahhaha, that is awesome. Too bad you got caught!

Everycat said...

I guess you won't be doing that again Bono!