Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Furball Update

Mom says the last of the six tiny fuzzy kittens has a home! - see previous post. Whew, maybe now she will pay at least some attention to us. We feel neglected. We think we might have missed a snack or two. This will not do - at all!

Of course we are very, very pleased that the adorable kittens have homes of their very own. Their foster mom is also very happy.

Moe: I can relax now, I am getting my scritches and attention. So here is my reaction.

Do I look 'flaked out'? Mom thinks I look too relaxed....she thinks I need some more drama in my life. Not!


I am so glad that none of the little furballs ended up coming here. I am the only diva, and that's the way it should be!


I want to look good, so I work at it. You just never know who will be checking out my picture.


Sue said...

I love your blog, the kittens are gorgeous and it is wonderful that you found a home for all of them!

Everycat said...

What excellent news about the tiny fuzzballs. I'm so happy they have homes now. Has Momma Cat got a home lined up too?

Now you three, I think that plenty of treats and long naps are in order to make up for your Mom not paying you enough attention!

Whicky Wuudler

Sunny's Mommy said...

That is wonderful news that all the kittens now have forever homes :-D

Mindy, I'm with you. There's only room for 1 diva in a family!

michico*Adan said...

It's a very very great news of those kittens~!! I am so so happy~!
I am also glad 3 of you are very comfy and relax~!
That is the way should be :)

The Devil Dog said...

We are happy the little furballs all have homes. We are also happy your home is back to normal.

Roxy & Lucky

Lux said...

I'm glad all the kitties found a good home! Time for some rest, it seems. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Forever Homes for all the little furballs! They are so kyoot! We were certain they would be adopted as soon as somebuddy saw them!

Parker said...

Yikes! Those kittens are CUTE!
I'm happy that they all have homes now and I am glad that you guys escaped having another sibling. I bet it was a close call though!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We just saw the pictures of the little furballs. They sure are cute. No wonder they all found a home.

But of course, you are cute too!

The Island Cats said...

Yeah! That is good news! For you and the kittens!

Grahamn Kracker said...

Good thing those kittens found a home. All cats should have a good home in this season.

Everycat said...

You are a very good family of cats and beans to foster the tuxie guy. We hope he soon warms up and that your efforts to home Momma cat are succesful!

Whicky Wuudler et al

4 Boys and a Lady said...

Your mom is so wonderful for finding all the kittens a forever home.

We're glad to hear that you're all back to getting the attention you deserve.(^_~)

Hi, Bono! Nice to meet you! Looks like we have a lot of catching up to do!

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, & Mags.

Mickey said...

WOW!! All the tiny kitties have homes!!! That is pawsome :) Bet it feels good to have your Mom back ;)
Purrs Mickey