Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Touch That Button!

We overheard the sonbeans and mom discussing the possible end of the world occuring sometime today. We hardly understood the words 'massive particle accelerator'. We got our hopes up thinking that they were talking about increasing our supply of stinky goodness. Next we heard that switching on the 'the machine' might cause black holes capable of swallowing the Earth. What? We haven't heard anything about such a thing! They were quick to reassure each other that this might NOT happen either. The problem seemed to be that this device has never been tested and today is the day they are 'throwing the switch'.... Yikes!

In the event that things go badly today I (Mindy) want everyone to know for the record that Moe needs his nails trimmed. Mom are you listening? I got injured during an exchange of whaps.

Moe: Well, Mindy, you were supposed to counter my attack! Instead you got your nose in the way. Huh, when I had a scratched nose why didn't I post a photo for the world to see? Now it seems I maybe too late.

We have our paws crossed that everything goes okay. If not, mom will be crabilated - it's her day off.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Um we remember when the Times misprinted Hadron and transposed the d and r...

Team Tabby said...

You guys are hilarious!

The Devil Dog said...

That could certainly ruin mom's day too! We are close to Boston!
Shame on you, Moe, for hurting Mindy. Shall I whap him for you, Mindy?


Jimmy Joe said...

That would make tomorrow a Very Bad Day, wouldn't it, buddies. Momma said she's going to eat an extra lemon bar, just in case tomorrow is the end of the world.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

Is that a tinge of regret written on ur face, Moe? :O Everything's gonna be ok, except for the nail trimming part... haha
A boo boo just doesn't sit nice on a sweet girly cat's face, rite Mindy? *wink*

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Mom says it's can't be soon because she hasn't gone to Tuscany yet. So don't worry.

Mickey said...

LOL at Chey!!!!!!!!
Maybe a block hole would be OK!! I could hide in one ;) But the end of the world? No thanks!! I still have some Temptations left in the bag!!! :o
Kisses for your hurty nose Mindy.
Be on guard Moe, there may be retaliation ;)
Purrs Mickey

4 Boys and a Lady said...

Chey, you crack us up!

Wow, this is an interesting post. We thinks everything is gonna be just fine.

Poor, Mindy! We've got a lot of scratched noses over here! We're all mad at mom for not keeping up on the nail trims. (Mom: Sorry, but there's only me now doing 'em!!)

Hope your mom has a great day off! (^_^)

Poppy said...

That sure sounds ominous. I hope the world doesn't end or anything. Thanks for the warning!