Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally Friday - Fotos of Us

We are glad that it is finally getting warmer where we live.

Mindy: I am on da table.

I see Moe. If I could sneak up on him, I would whap him and run. I like the chase game.

That looks like a comfy spot, Moe.

Oh, it's the best!

Mindy: I can balance on the arm of the chair, very well.

Moe: I like to freshen up for Friday.

Have a good weekend everyone.


DK & The Fluffies said...

Nice table for watching!

Mickey said...

That's it Mindy,keep an eye on Moe It won't be long before you get a chance to whap him,heehee
That table is a great place to watch everything indoors and outside. Brothers are fun to whap ;)
Purrs Georgia

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Moe, that is a very nice streeeetch you've got going there! Hooray! It's Finally Friday!

Daisy said...

Mindy, I think you still owe Moe a whap or two for yesterday. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Mindy, I don't know how you resisted going up and whapping Moe when he was stretching like that. He was just begging for a whapping ;-)

You two have a great weekend, too!

Lux said...

Pretty pictures of y'all!

Have a great weekend,

Princess said...

You two are such a nice team of tabbies. Lovely pictures! Happy Week-end!

The Cat Realm said...

This just shows you how everything is so relative!!! In our neck of the world this would be called cold.....
We call anything below 70 cold.
But we have around 100 from May to September, hahahahahahahahahaha

The Devil Dog said...

You keep a good sharp eye on Moe, Minday. Though I have to admit, I was sort of hoping for some pouncing pictures. Hee hee hee.


PS It got up to the 70's today!