Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easy Like Sunday

We saw mom outside getting some pictures of flowers.

These flowers grew from bulbs mom planted last fall. Can efferyone tell that she bought these from da bargain page of da plant catalogue? Ha, ha, ha! Ther's more bulbs planted there an you can see some green stuff in da background. Now take a closer us they look much better close-up, but you has to get closer to da ground, about cat height.

There don't dey look much better?

Well, I gotta go finish my nap.

Mindy: I have to give mom credit for even getting those bulbs into the ground before freeze-up.

I remember her rushing around last fall wif a small shovel and muttering to herself. Encouragement, maybe?


The Devil Dog said...

Mom says be nice to your mom about her gardening efforts. It is hard work to make things grow. And sometimes, things grow small until they have had a few years and then they grow really really BIG!


meemsnyc said...

Those are very pretty flowers.

Mickey said...

Your little flowers are very pretty. I think everything looks better at cat height!!
WE don't have any flowers yet, but maybe in a day or so we will have daffodils :)
Purrs Mickey

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i think those are pretty flowers. they are one of mommy's favorite colors. my mommy kept putting off planting bulbs last year but we have some from 2 years ago coming up.
you enjoy your nap and your groomings!

Daisy said...

You two are so funny! Well, they might not be very big flowers, but they are still pretty.

Lux said...

Those are tiny, but they're very very beautiful! Pretty pictures!

Derby said...

Mum has some of those flowers and they just are that little, so you gotta plant lots of them close together!

Sunny's Mommy said...

They are very pretty flowers :-)