Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday - Random Shots

It's still Friday, so now that we have mom to give us assistance, we will show you how we spent our day.

Mindy: - I'll go first. Mom washed these covers, said she wanted to do some hair removal. What, remove my furs? What's wrong wif covering my favorite things wif my furs?

Can you see the look of indignation that I gave mom?

Moe: - I have my own chair in a quiet corner of da room.....not next to Mindy.

Would you believe that I spent most of today in dis chair? Really good spot for keeping watch over everything that goes on.

So how did efurry one else spend their Friday?

We has a picture of our yard....what you see is not snow - it's hard packed ice. We hadded lots and lots of rain and then a freeze. The good news is - most of the snow is gone!

More Friday random shots. These are the last of mom's Christmas flowers, can you tell the sun was setting in this picture? Note: we had a beautiful sunny day!

Here's another sun setting picture - don't get carried away mom - these are two of mom's angels from her collection of four.

Gonna rains lots tomorrow (sigh.... although we're not going out, ha)


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think that things are always better with fur on them. I can't imagine what your person was thinking. However, I see you are hard at work recovering it in some very fine fur!

Mickey said...

Blogger just ate my comment for the second time tonight!!! I am not too happy with them :(
I cannot believe your Mom does not want your furs!! Silly Mom,whap some sense into her ;)
Mom wants to know if that is your "Christmas" flower heehee
She likes the angel pic the best!
Purrs Mickey

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Grampy is always vacuuming our furs up, we don't know why he bothers 'cause we just put more back. Mom collects the same angels as your Mom! Hope you are done having snow, Spring can't come too soon.

michico*Adan said...

Not only you have great taste, so is your mommy~!
I love you all and your blanket behind, great great art~~~~

I like your furr so much as well~!!! So wonderful~!!!

The Devil Dog said...

Yeah, it's gonna rain here too, and we have to go out. Yuk. That is a neat towel you have Mindy. And what a very pretty picture of you, too, I might add. Enjoy your day tomorrow.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

It's called FURniture so it should have fur on it, right? I mean, really. I do like all the blankies though. I could really use the zebra one for a photo shoot that is coming up - if Bean ever get's her nose out of the graphics program!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I cannot believe your Mom wanted to remove your furs from the covers, Mindy. The nerve of her! You worked very hard to get the covers full of your furs just so! Bad Mom!

I can believe you spent all day there, Moe. Is that a pillow or a blankie you're laying on? Whatever it is, it looks very soft and comfy :-D

That's a very nice picture of your Mom's flower.