Friday, January 11, 2008

Creature Friday

Do you all see these three? Count 'em........three squirrels. Normally they do NOT tolerate one another's presence. The grub must have been particularly good, because they didn't notice the others' nearby. Well, after a few minutes we had fun watching them tackle each other rolling around on the ground. We put bird seed out every day. These guys are gonna be fatty-s.

Oh, we think we should also do Feature Friday - featuring us of course!




michico*Adan said...

three squirrels~!
Wowww.... I think it might be very interesting to watch~!!!!

Mindy and Moe,
I think you both are enjoy your leisure time, I want to cuddle with you both~!

Mickey said...

We like to watch are squirrels too.They are SO loud and they fight too! They are so busy fighting they do not see the birds taking the seeds :)
Moe ,yer lookin good and Mindy, that pose!! You should take up modelling ;)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Mindy, what are you doing? Are you waving at the camera or waving them off so you can nap in that sun?!

Parker said...

Mindy - are you doing the "vouge?"

Daisy said...

It does look like you are vogue-ing!

Sunny's Mommy said...

We get a lot of squirrels here (they know where the bird food is). All of our squirrels get along. They even play together!