Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Award and Christmas Meme

We were given a Holiday Award by Hootin' Anni and are very pleased to display her award. We met Hootin' Anni through our Photo Hunt participation and we always enjoy her blog. Thank you Hootin Anni!

We decided to participate in her fun Christmas Meme:

1. Christmas is.........." sharing".

2. In memories, what was the best part of your Christmases past?

We kitties get to spend more time with our beans. They take time
off and the kidbeans come home from college. We get lots of
attention...oh, and extra food, too.

3. Was Santa ever good to you? [describe how and what]

Santa brought us each a sock, and inside was all kinds of toys and
yummy treats.

4. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both?

We save da gifts for Christmas Day.

5. Is there something you make each and every year? [craft or


Oh, yes, the tall sons always ask mom to make Bakewell
Tarts. Dad asks her to make Pavlova. We hopes there's gonna be

6. What is your favorite five[5] Christmas songs/hymns?

There is a really cool Christmas song where the cats do the
singing.....and we listen to it at least five times.

7. Is there a new tradition for Christmas since your childhood

Yep, for the first time, our beans bought us a fake
artifical tree and we can hardly wait to climb it.

8. Describe one of your Christmas trips. [whether it's across town or across country]

We try to avoid traveling at Christmas,
actually we try avoid traveling at all times - home is best.

9. Do you have a special Christmas outfit to wear for the day?

Not unles our beans try to make us wear a silly hat - we'll settle
for a festive bow.

10. Have YOU or any of your family members sat on Santa's lap?

Not us, but I bet our beans have!

11. What is/or will be on your Christmas tree this year?

Lots a shiny things to play with, oh, just remembered we're NOT supposed

to play with the tree stuff....humph.

12. Do you/or have you decorated your yard for Christmas?

We were watching mom a few days ago putting some red berries and green
stuff in our big planter in da front yard.

There, hope you enjoyed reading our meme!

Now we should post some pictures.

Here's da greenery out front. We told mom where in the back yard she could find the red berries (Canada Holly) and the greens ( cedar)........we left lots of berries for da birds to eat.

Here I am snoopervising the arrangement.

Oh, Mindy....I am about to upload our post, do you have a picture ready?

Hold on I'm searching for a good one


Cheysuli said...

I certainly hope I am not required to wear a certain outfit for the Holidays. I hate dressing up. Nice meme!

michico*Adan said...

I love your answers of Christmas meme questions~!!!

And the last 2 photo are you terrific~!!! You always taking wonderful photos~!!

Hootin' Anni said...

#7 actually made me giggle out loud! And I love the potted plant in the front yard...very festive!
[snoopervising!----lol----what a HooT!!]

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are good annsers. We fink the trees that come indoors are grate, speshully the shiny fings that yoo can pull off.

Ramses said...

I'z lookin' forward to seeing what Isis think of the KissMouse tree this year! ;)

Mickey said...

That is a good meme and I like your answers.
I always liked the real trees 'cause I like to drink the water. There is no water in the fake trees :( But there is lots to bat aroung on them,heehee!!!

Tybalt said...

Great meme! Those pictures of you are gorgeous.

Dragonheart said...

That is a wonderful Christmas meme! :) It sounds like Christmas is a wonderful time at your place. :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hahahaha, mom won't even try to dress dad up fur Krissmouse. We love yoor Krissmouse meme. Yoo must have a lot of fun watching da birdies eat dem berries.

Sultanfus and Guy said...

Holidays are fun. I love your pictures for today. You are two good looking tabbys.

Daisy said...

I have been shopping for the perfect little Christmas outfit to wear!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

I love this meme! Great answers and i love your pic x

Parker said...

That was great!

Artsy Catsy said...

What a lovely meme! It's so much fun to learn about how otherkitties celebrate Christmas!

& all of us at Artsy Catsy

Gattina said...

My cats love Christmas, there are so many toys hanging on a tree and the tree is even inside ! I am curious to see how Rosie will behave it will be her first Christmas.
My meme is on Writer Cramps.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Your Mom's outdoor planter looks good. I did enjoy reading your Holiday meme :-)

Those are gorgeous photos of you and Mindy!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed reading the kitties meme! Cute! I did one too (for myself!)


Sandy Carlson said...

Ejoy the tree, kitty cats!

God bless.

Mine's up at http://slcthoughts.blogspot.com